W. Tillmans: And you also did the photos in connection with the books because of an economy of means, didn’t you?

I. Genzken: Yes.

W. Tillmans: So it was like in the clinic, there was no studio, just the camera.

I. Genzken: Yes, exactly. Because I’m a person who always has to do something. If I cannot do anything, I’m in a very bad way. But really I’m always working on something. And I always want to work, too.

W. Tillmans: Perhaps that’s another thing we have in common? A certain obsession…

I. Genzken: Yes, I think so, too…

W. Tillmans: But perhaps all artists are like that…

I. Genzken: Well, the few artists I know really well, they are all so… It’s a really bad block when you think, right, now I’ve got to do art. It really is very important to learn that that is not the most important thing.

W. Tillmans: "Be satisfied here and now" 2, that’s what I have to keep telling myself. Then art will just come along on its own.

I. Genzken: Yes, it’ll come along.
(Translation: Richard Watts)
First published in: Camera Austria, No. 81/2003, pp. 7–18.
Published by courtesy of Camera Austria.
2 Part of the joint title: "Science Fiction/Hier und jetzt zufrieden sein".
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